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What is BrightTALK?
BrightTALK is an online community that brings professionals and businesses together to learn and grow. Through the BrightTALK webinar and video platform, thousands of thought leaders share their insights, ideas and experiences - helping millions across the world learn, discover and get better at what they do.


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Mark Thiele,
Chief Strategy Officer

Bernard Golden,

Sin-Mei Tsai,
VP Engineering,

Raj Samani,
Intel Security
Why choose BrightTALK?
  • Share your valued knowledge and experiences to connect and interact with over 5 million B2B professionals
  • Amplify your personal and corporate brands through BrightTALK Summits and events.
  • Generate content to share with the BrightTALK professional community and beyond
  • Find a new hub for your followers with the BrightTALK Webinar and Video platform and Channel technology
What thought leaders are saying about BrightTALK

"BrightTALK allows me to share my thoughts and perspective with an audience that I don’t usually reach. It’s a great demographic and BrightTALK makes it easy to connect with them. It’s a win-win environment that pays dividends for all the participants."

Bernard Golden, CEO, Navica

"BrightTALK webinars offer convenience to the audience of participating in significant discussions from the comfort of their office or home. They are also a great way for speakers to share their message and engage with people they might not normally be able to talk with. Participating as a BrightTalk speaker has provided me an additional avenue to speak to audiences on a variety of cybersecurity topics in a very convenient and efficient fashion.”

Mark Weatherford, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, vArmour

"BrightTALK is a great place to improve my speaking skills and increase the exposure of my company, and afterwards it's all recorded and easy to share."

Brian Lange, Partner and Data Scientist, Datascope

"Those who sign up for webinars are interested in learning, or solving a problem. I've found they are open to new ideas and often looking to better themselves and their careers. This affords me, as a consultant, a rare opportunity to demonstrate expertise and connect with a highly receptive audience.

Katie Martell, On-demand Marketing Consultant,
Who is our audience?
Our audience is comprised of over 5 million professionals actively interacting with industry experts across 80 vibrant and engaged communities. They visit BrightTALK to find solutions to business challenges and progress their career development.


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