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The State of Digital Transformation in 2017

Digital Transformation is the result of IT innovation that is aligned with and driven by a well-planned business strategy. The goals of Digital Transformation are far-reaching: to change how organizations serve their customers, employees and partners; to support continuous improvement in business operations; to disrupt existing businesses and markets; and to invent new businesses and business models. But what exactly is being transformed to achieve these goals? What's driving Digital Transformation, and why is it happening now?

This 451 Research webinar series will examine the specific technologies and business factors that will drive Digital Transformation in Cloud, Information Security, Mobility, Datacenters, Software, Infrastructure and Services in 2017. Each session will be hosted by a senior 451 Research analyst, and will dive into what tech innovations are on the horizon, how technology markets might shift in the wake of those innovations, and what any changes could mean for the providers and consumers of specific technologies or services.

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